Saturday, March 7, 2009

Selecting The Right Wine When Dating

If you have been dating someone for a while and your not at the "boyfriend/girlfriend" stage a glass or two of wine will no doubt be on the agenda whether your on a dinner date or are relaxing at home getting to know each other.

Wine can be a great way to kick off your date and offering some knowledge and views on your favourite drop can indicate a sense of sophistication and style. For singles , educating yourself about the wide varieties of available wine will score big points when dating. Ordering and recommending to your date a particular glass of wine will often lead to interesting conversation and open the door to other interesting conversations such as the wines country of origin allowing you to elaborate on other topics.

A glass of red?

Shiraz! Australia’s red grapevines are among its leading assets: subsequently , who can conceive an existence without classical Australian Shiraz? No other grape bears so much unique Aussie quality. Attempt to replicate they may but the rest of the world’s wineries will never captivate that mulberry, peppery, somewhat ‘wild’ flavour that could exclusively be Australia’s own.

Cabernet Sauvignon! Commonly thought of as the grandest of red grapes, likely attributable its pride of place in the chronicle of aged world classics. In Australia, you will discover it in the medium to cool regions and the wines will comprise as potently seasoned, blackcurranty and full-bodies every bit as you would anticipate from anywhere. It is at its minty fullest in Coonawarra and Margaret River – the last mentioned area amounting to marvelously good blendings with Merlot.

A glass of white perhaps?

Chardonnay - shar-don-ay! The savor/scent is Citrus paradisi, Citrus lemon, lime, with possibly a pinch of apricot. Cellaring? If you so desire. Only purchase something that's two years aged and there's no time comparable the present! Since it reigns the planet, Chardonnay embraces much of the entire food range. Everything from chicken and barbecued meats to exotic creamy seafood.

Riesling! The 1970s when Australia underwent a time period recognised as the 'white wine boom', where sweet, aromatic vinos were the manner of the day. It represented Australia’s most significant premium white assortment, nevertheless in 1990 it lost its place as the best-selling white wine variety to Chardonnay.

We hope this information will be a good start for you to commence your fine wine journey. However remember one thing, all the information in the world can not compare with sampling the merchandise, as they say, practice makes perfect ;)

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