Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Attract Hot Women Without Even Approaching Them!

How to attract hot women is the question every man asks as they look around at the amazing abundance of sexy, attractive females all over the place and wonder ‘why doesn’t she notice ME?!"

The answer to this question is both simple and complex at the same time (just like the whole game of love really!). The trick is that you need to know exactly what women look for in a man at the base level that goes beyond personal quirks and preferences, an animal instinct if you will but one that still applies today in a modern world where the gender roles have shifted much further than at any other time in history.

The simple answer to this that you can use to attract hot women without even approaching or speaking with them is Confidence.

Ok, ok … I bet you have heard that a million times and either agree but do not know how or think it is a crock but the truth is that is works but not how it is often perceived.

Firstly, confidence is not being a jerk though many jerks are perceived as confident because they often are but fail to have that level of empathy, leadership and manly protectiveness that is part and parcel of what women want in a man.

Secondly, confidence is not being overly suave and dressing up like James Bond or by being a Metrosexual it comes from having the confidence and knowledge to take charge of situations, to be proud of your body and mind and to display that to the world without boasting an announcing it.

How to attract hot women sounds hard doesn’t it!

It may not come naturally to many but it can be learned and to apply this immediately it comes down to body language and visual aesthetic which is the first impression that only ever occurs once and that may make or break your chances at getting together with those hotties you want to know better.

To begin with try these few tips:

  • Your stance says a lot about you. Stand up straight but do not be at attention, you should be relaxed but with your shoulders back, no slouching and your legs about shoulder width apart and your chin up a little.
  • Pay attention to your grooming, whatever is your style does not matter as long as you look clean, trimmed and healthy. If you look too made up you may seem to be overcompensating and the same applies with your dress. Be comfortable with your style but stand out!
  • Facial expression is also important. Smile broadly and have a steady gaze, do not flinch away from a look and always return a woman’s eye contact with a smile and a steady gaze and if she smiles back then you have already attracted a hot women and she is ready to be approached!
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