Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Seduce Beautiful Women With Confidence

How to seduce beautiful women is the question all men want answered when they are on the hunt and are looking for more intimate encounters with the women they meet. Most men however find it difficult to seduce women and end up either rejected or in the dreaded ‘friend zone’ that seems so hard to climb out of.

There are a few truths that you must know about women before you should start looking at how to seduce women however:

  • Women WANT to be seduced and enjoy sex as much as men do.
  • Women need certain prerequisites met before they allow themselves to be seduced.
  • Women will never initiate seduction it is all up to you and is in your power.

By knowing this you understand that a rejection is not often an outright ‘no’ but is instead that you have not done your homework and groundwork before moving in to close the deal so to speak.

Women have some underlying things they need satisfied before they are primed to be seduced and this can vary from women to women, it is your job to find out what makes them tick and that is by achieving the first prerequisite anyway:

  • Rapport: To find out how to seduce beautiful women you need to establish a level of rapport with them. This is the first step to gaining trust and it allows you to show your best side while they are open to your advances and words. It also allows you to ask them about themselves and what they like to uncover some interesting facts you can use for further seduction.
  • Eye contact: It has been shown in many experiments that good eye contact actually has a level of hypnosis attached to it. The science behind this is debatable but this is an important aspect when establishing rapport and also shows your confidence and interest when talking to them which is what women desire.
  • Look for Approval: If you have developed a rapport with this women and can make her laugh and you can pick the subtle signals such as her leaning closer to you (a trick is to lower your volume a bit to make her lean forward to hear her, if she does she is interested). Other signals may include some other body language signs such as slightly parted lips, moist lips, and her mirroring your smiles back at you as you talk.
  • Touching: If all of these signs are apparent and you have not already done so try to engage in some gentle physical advances such as touching her hand, a simple pat of squeeze might do. Brush her hair back maybe if it has fallen over her eyes, small approaches to see if she reciprocates.
  • Propose a next step: This is all important, like a salesman this is the closing line on this encounter. Your proposal should not be asking for permission but instead should be a statement in question form. It may not be an invitation back to your bedroom if she is not ready but you have an opportunity to get their number, propose a date or something that moves you from where you are now closer to full seduction.
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