Saturday, March 7, 2009

Status For Dating Online

We can’t write or speak the status even no one can define status because it can be feel and known between two people.

As per the dictionary definition of status can be like: Individual relative position in regards to social standards.

It is like you should rank the hierarchy, in a particular situation at the stage where people are involved.

The High-Status Guy & His Girl: hug
Notice that a guy coming from high status will not hug her girl for social safety and support that generally done buy a guy who thinks himself lesser than everyone else.

The High Status Guy’s woman will often try to be hug to him. And she will try to get his attention. She will try to give him kisses. She will look to him for signal and listen to what he says and will walk where he walks.

Status Gap: It totally depends on how you can interact with the world it gives huge impact on you while understanding the status gap.

At the time when you begin to express higher-status in social situations, you will be surprised to see that the world will reply in stair and start treating you in a different way straight away.

You will become be special included like VIP and acknowledged into a special part of the social hierarchy.

Those people who have treated you as a low-status person as before will get the change in you and behave relatively.

Be careful about how much status you can express. When status gap gets too big generally people will not be able to relate to you and will feel too much insecure around you.

The solution for status gap is that keep your status gap equal or just a ‘little bit’ difference. If you keep status gap too far then you may end up your relation at the some stage.

There are some tips or can be said exercise given to help you to express good status

1. Notice:
For the next few weeks, stop and notice how people express higher or lower status to you during their tonality, words used and body language. Notice how the status between you and certain individuals moves back and forth ingeniously or noticeably.

2. Practice:
Attempt to express high social status in all situations. Just aim to have a right balance in all the condition and try to keep less status gap. Try to do practice to choose good reaction and give good responds. Feel free and just take two more seconds as normally you take and then react and respond.

3. Eliminate:
Eliminate your insecurities and low-status behaviors by building on your social confidence every day. As you do this you will:

a) Begin creating constructive mental relations with being high-status and your social insecurities will gradually decrease.
b) Build higher levels of self-value, which will fuel confidence and thus attractiveness.
c) Just try to notice any low-status signal that you currently project onto.
d) Observe yourself as who you truly are.
e) Observe yourself for who you are going to become.
f) Be faced as per a choice: Continue to behave like unseen and unappealing or be like a powerful and attractive.

Try assigning higher status in social situations and see how it impacts on your dating life. You will have a pleasant surprise in your life.

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