Monday, February 9, 2009

Places To Go While Dating In Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the most populous city in Orange County. Its found in Southern California on the Santa Ana River. It has a warm sunny weather and mild climate. The sunny weather is good for lovers because they can go out to enoy the sun and perhaps get some good tun. Apart from enjoying the sun you can also go out and have fun. There are beaches you can go to if you are dating in Santa Ana and take a swim. You can also go for a walk in the beautiful sun.

If you are dating in Santa Ana you can try out the Mexican food in Santa Ana. However if you do not like the Mexican food you should not worry, Santa Anna has a variety to offer. They have Chinese, Japanese, American and Indian restaurant that prepare nice food as well. Examples of nice Mexican restaurants are the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant and the Alberto's Mexican Food. They make nice Mexican food that you will both leave the place feeling good. There services are also good and the food is reasonable. Whatever food you prefer you can not miss to find a restaurant that prepares it in Santa Ana. Sharing good food with a loved one is a wonderful thing and a good conversation to go with makes it even more interesting.

You can also visit the zoo if you are dating in Santa Ana. The Santa Ana Zoo is found in Prentice Park. It is not a very big zoo but it is reasonably big. Its on a twenty acre land. This Zoo is owned by the City of Santa Ana. About 300,000 people visit this Zoo every year. This a good number of people to visit the zoo and there must be something that attracts them there and its good to go find out. You could have fun while here. It has so many primates with a lot of monkeys and apes. They have a collection of many species from all over the world. The zoo focuses on recreation and education. They also try to conserve their heritage. People go there to have fun and see the many animals in this zoo. You can also feed the monkeys or apes but be careful about it because sometimes they can scratch or bite you.

A dating couple in Santa Ana can also visit the Delhi Park. You can also visit the hotel that is near the park known as Hotel The Park New Delhi. This hotel accommodates everyone's need. If you are dating in Santa Ana it should not disappoint. The Delhi park is one of the newest community centers. You can go for walk in this parks is located in the Delhi Neighborhood. In the evening you can take your date to one of the theatres in Santa Ana. There is the Sahara theatre, century stadium and the south cost village. If you want to grab something to eat while watching a movie or play, South cost village is the place to go.

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