Monday, February 9, 2009

How To Start a Dating Website

How to start a dating website is pretty exciting. The business is very lucrative and you stand to get many customers. It has been found that 33% of people who surf the net everyday are single. There is therefore a great need for this people to be hooked up to respective mates. This is indeed where you come in to start a dating website or service. The first thing is to take time and carry out some research. It will guide you into establishing a business that will stand the test of time and succeed. There are four major concerns that will come up. First, consider the initial start up costs. The second thing is how exactly to make money. The third thing is marketing your business and last but not least is maintenance.

Before you begin suffocating yourself with the thoughts of how to finance the business, look at success stories. I read a story of a woman who started the business without any staff and started making money immediately. Today, she can make a minimum of $30,000 per month. On the start up cost, there are ways to make your costs as minimal as possible. All you need is to do it yourself. you can easily design your site then register it. Registration of a domain name will only cost you $15 or less per year. Then domain name hosting will only cost you $10 per month. With the presence of pre installed management systems, this means that with a little effort, you are ready for publishing. The next thing is how to start making money.

First, make sure you create a simple site with 10 to 50 articles. Then place affiliate links in the pages. You will then send traffic to your online dating website. The big questions of how to make money remains. You need to start with the affiliate programs like cashring. Their excellent tools of marketing will work great for you. It will enable you to establish a niche in the market. The key to making sales lies in the number of visitors to your site. Every time a member purchases a premium membership, you get a commission.

The next task will be marketing your dating website. With the right information, you will start a dating website with ease. As you get more experience in the business, you will acquire a skill that will ensure that you draw as much traffic as you can. You can easily get free traffic from search engines. However, you need more information on search engine optimization. You can download this information for free. It will be helpful to create fast loading pages to inform search engines what your page is all about. To compliment your marketing effort, you need have search engines ads with keywords in the headlines. Marketers mainly use this strategy which is a pay per click strategy. Using google adwords will enable you increase your traffic. Another way of attracting people is to write a quality ebook which you can have people download for free.
To maintain your site, add new articles on dating and ensure that you give detailed and helpful information with a fresh twist. With the above simple steps of how to start a dating website, you will be in business.

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