Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matchmaking Tips For Women- Lame Excuses For Postponing A First Date

There are of course real situations that arise in the matchmaking business, such as a family member gets sick. If it's real, then you can reschedule. On the other hand, if you flake out and call him the day of the date, he will think you are blowing him off and he won't want to reschedule.

What's even worse in the business of matchmaking, is simply forgetting the date altogether. This is for sure, unacceptable. Here is a quote from a matchmaking survey. "The worst excuse I've gotten for having to reschedule a date was from a woman who said she "forgot." I was looking for someone intelligent, so that was sort of a deal breaker."

You have about two times to reschedule before you loose the opportunity altogether.

Here are some really lame excuses for postponing a first date:

Excuse: You're tired.

Answer: So, get some sleep!

Excuse: My friends are all getting together that night.

Answer: How many times have you been out with those friends? Want to miss out on your potential husband for your friends?

Excuse: You have a lot of work?

Answer: Everyone has a lot of work. Work late the night before and after if you have to so you can go out on your first date.

Excuse: I'm not feeling well.

Answer: This is cool if you have the flu. Make sure not feeling well is not associated with working late, going out with your girl friends or your just tired and lazy.

Ladies, in the world of matchmaking, if you find yourself using these excuses, it probably means you have some series issues. It's called prioritizing your life. The guy isn't the problem, you are. You might be nervous about dating, and that's okay. Many of the upscale matchmaking clients are captains of industries who have conquered their chosen fields. Keep in mind ladies, when it comes to women and the first date, these guys are puppy dogs.

It takes courage for them to go out on a first date and they want to see you do the same thing. Instead of making lame excuses for postponing a first date, start making excuses with your friends and tell them you can't go out tonight, you have a first date.

Your homework assignment for this week ladies, is to tell 6 of your regular girl friends that you can't go out because you have a first date and don't be available to them. Take those nights and go out to a place where upscale single guys will be and incorporate all the other tips you have read about.

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