Thursday, May 7, 2009

How To Identify And Attract A Good Man And Avoid Chasing Him Away

Have you ever met a guy who seemed like Mr. Right and you both shared a strong chemistry but for some reason you can tell he just isn't feeling the same connection? You sense he is a great guy and even though the chemistry is there he withdraws and eventually disappears from your life.

You might start to rationalize it and your friends might tell you things like "he is just a jerk forget about him". But you can't stop thinking about him and wondering if maybe it was something you did. Maybe you did something to push him away without realizing it. Chances are you are probably right.

Here are three of the most common mistakes a woman can make that will cause a man to withdraw.

Mistake 1: You lead him to think you are needy and insecure.

There are signals that men can pick up on that tell them you are needy or unattractive. Unfortunately even confident women sometimes accidentally give off one of these signs which can kill her chances for a second date. Usually from something that is nothing but a simple miscommunication.

For example a man may tell you that he likes a woman who is physical and affectionate. So, you start touching him all the time, grab his hand and hold it everywhere you go, and always stay right next to him. The next thing you know he has left you for another woman because he is feeling like you are too needy.

All you were trying to do was give him what you thought you wanted. But just because a guy says he likes something that doesn't mean take it to the extreme. Just being aware of these common mistakes can help keep you from communicating the wrong signals.

Mistake 2: Appealing to his sexual side and neglecting his emotional side.

Many women make the mistake of thinking if they can just appeal to a men sexually. But most men are out for far more than just sex. A woman who can appeal to a man both emotionally and sexually will be the one who will win his heart.

Mistake 3: Not Knowing How To Size Up a Man's Relationship Potential.

Many women decide how much energy to put into a relationship based on attraction alone. When strong attraction is involved it can cause women to override logic and ignore their instincts. This can be dangerous because it prevents women from identifying a partners faults and allows her to waste time and energy on someone who is not right for her. Or someone who will leave her heartbroken.

These mistakes are not hard to prevent once a woman is aware she may be making them. Once a woman learns how to truly captivate a man she will have an almost unfair advantage over other women even if they are prettier and younger than her. No longer will she have to waste her time and energy on men who will never commit.

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