Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why Being A Jerk Will Create Attraction With Women – Wussy Guys Finish Last

Regardless of what people like to think all relationships find their basis in power. Whoever has the most power is the leader in the relationship. Your goal is to become the dominant power person so you can guide the relationship to whatever conclusion suites your needs.

This can and should be done without malice or maliciousness. By wielding power properly you can serve her and serve yourself at the same time. The best way to do that is to be a likeable jerk.

You don't want to just be a jerk. That's obnoxious and is an instant turn off. You don't want to be just likeable that will make you weak and won't accomplish your goal. Your goal is to make her come to you; to pursue you; to chase you until you allow her to catch you.

This means that you'll have to balance your cocky attitude with your funny attitude. Humor and cockiness are the one-two punch of this amazing power play. The humor makes her comfortable with you. The cockiness makes her uncomfortable with you. This creates a surprising mix of emotions within her that keeps her off guard.

If you're used to being a nice guy you'll probably be uncomfortable being a likeable jerk but it's a skill well worth learning. It will cause women to be instantly attracted to you if you master the skill. What you want to do is constantly use the humor to surprise her. Humor should be mixed effectively with comments that tend to mock her. It's a way of insulting people in such a way that they hear the insult which throws them off but then they respond to the humor and don't feel totally insulted.

By mocking her you let her know that you're confident in yourself and you can walk away from the conversation. This lets her know that she must chase you if she doesn't want you to get away.

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