Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why Are Women So Attracted To Bad Boy Jerks?

So you are extremely nice to women, you buy them flowers you compliment them and you always let them do what they want to do. But then you end up being just their friends while they date the bad boy jerks who treat them badly. So maybe you try treating them even better hoping that will get them to like you more. You buy them things, take them to expensive dinners and treat them like a queen. But what happens? You go home alone while she spends the night with the jerk who does not treat her well.

Has this happened to you? Does it happen to you often? Have you wondered if maybe there is something you are doing wrong? Yes you are doing something wrong. Your very behavior of kissing up her is telling her that you are weak and insecure and not a masculine man. Women are not attracted to men who are too nice to them. This doesn't mean you should be mean or treat them bad. What it means is they want a man with a spine. A man who is not afraid to take charge and lead. A man who isn't seeking her approval. That triggers attraction in a woman. The nice guys who kiss up to her and live in fear of the possibility of upsetting her do not trigger attraction. In fact it repels women and a lot of time it creeps them out.

In todays politically correct world the bad boy jerks are the few men left who still possess these qualities that trigger attraction in a woman. Even though a woman might not like the jerk or abusive part it's the masculine qualities that the bad boys have that are attractive.

Now the good news is if you can learn to become a masculine man without being a jerk you will become an even better catch than the bad boy jerks. You can become the kind of man that quality women are desperately trying to find in this world of politically correct unattractive males.

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