Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Is The Push And Pull Technique And Why Is It So Effective When Attracting Women In Your Life

If you're out for an evening and want to have a good time, but don't want to start a 'relationship', here's a great technique that's a lot of fun for both you and the girl you're wanting to have fun with. It's called the push-pull technique.

The basic premise is this; when you approach a woman do/say something nice, then do/say something that will slightly push her away. This makes the approach into a game of tag. If she's into playing chase, and most women are even if they say they aren't, then the game goes from your court into her court. Then it comes back to you.

The reason this works is that you can be a nice guy while being bad boy at the same time. This totally knocks her off balance, at first. But as you continue the game she'll get into it and begin to banter a little with you, as well.

First, a few words about how to play this game. Make sure you smile at her the whole time, even when you turn your head away. This lets her know that you like her, so she'll keep playing the game. Second, make sure that when you push her away that you keep it small and simple. For example, you approach a girl and she's giving you her attention. Both of you have your bodies facing each other; a clear body language sign that you are enjoying being together. Then, without warning, turn your body at a 45 degree angle away from her and survey the room. It'll give her a little jolt and make her begin to chase you. She'll want to know what you're looking at. Then, always smiling through this, turn back to her to re-establish yourself.

You can do the same thing verbally, just be careful that you don't become insulting. You'll find yourself talking to the air, if not the hand.

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