Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Searching For Mr Right? - See Your Chiropractor!

Ladies, if you think that this is a joke, let me assure you that it is not! In my chiropractic practices in Melbourne, Australia, I frequently counsel young ladies who would like to find their soul mate but are unable to do so..

It would seem that they quickly become despondent after being in the dating game for a while.
What is wrong with the male population? Where are all the eligible single men?

Generally the young ladies are personable, hold good jobs, are well spoken and well dressed.
One would think that it would be easy to match up with a suitable male, but it evidently is not easy at all. Let me list some headings to consider. These are a lead only to where you might go and also where not to go.

1. Join a club or group of people that have the same interests as you do. This might include debating, cultural activities, languages or reading. Walk up to people and introduce yourself with a smile. Say your name and they will reply with their name. Try to remember it.

If you see a nice man there, talk to him about what has happened at the club and involve him in conversation. Listen to him and if possible agree with most of what he says. He will think that the new lady in the club is a most agreeable and pleasant person. He may also introduce you to other men there.

2. Join a church group. You do not have to be religious to go to a church. Most people who attend enjoy the social interaction as much as anything else. Meet the priest or pastor and tell him that you would like to meet some eligible men. Yes, you can do just that !

3. Don't forget that he is in the business of marrying people and would just love to think that he brought two souls in his church together.

4. Join a sporting group. Even if you are just an average player of golf, tennis, basketball etc., you will meet men with whom you have something in common and can talk to. It is also a useful place to be able to see if he is a good sport or if his ego is so full blown that he only wants to win.

5. Join a cooking class for men and women. Often very nice single men are to be found there and they will want to share their newly found cooking skills with an attractive lady. If you are invited to share a meal with one or more people at the class, bring a bottle of wine along. This sets a good tone to the occasion and shows that you are happy to share the good time.

6. While we are speaking of sharing, it is nice to share the cost of a meal together if you eat out. You do not want to be known as someone who only takes and does not give.

7. If after some time the attractive male makes it clear that he does not intend to settle down, look elsewhere.

8. There is nothing wrong in letting an eligible man know that you would like to find a life partner and perhaps start a family. Too often people are afraid to come out and say what is in their hearts and others never know what is in their minds. The man may also say that he, too, would like to settle down if he meets the right person. You can smile and say that sounds good to you.

9. Two people who would like to share their lives will both need to have a good sense of humour and have the same basic sets of values.

10. Ask your chiropractor if he knows any eligible men. You never know. He just might have a brother or nephew that is also looking for the one person to share life with. Maybe finding a husband at the chiropractor is as good a bet as getting your back pain treated.

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