Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pros & Cons Of Online Dating

Like it or hate it, Internet dating has become a reality in today's world. Internet dating is actually become a well accepted method for individuals to come together to search for possible romantic interests.

Online dating is not just about dating. It also helps people to have lasting relationships and friendships. Many times online dating results in two people actually forging a life-long friendship.

With all the benefits that online dating has, it is no wonder that many people tend to prefer online dating to conventional dating. Being able to take a relationship at your own pace and being able to command the pace without feeling guilty makes online dating the ideal vehicle to search for new partners and lasting relationships.

Let's take a look at some online dating pros and some online dating cons:

Some online dating pros:

1. First and foremost, online dating is very convenient. You don't have to worry about fixing her hair brushing your teeth to hop online and chat with someone. You just log into your membership and type back and forth.

2. It is easier for most people to be more articulate, at least when they first start talking to someone, when chatting online. This is because of the ability to hide behind the Internet. People can let their guard down and be themselves while chatting online.

3. The best of the online dating pros is that you can find true love her dating online. There are many individuals who have found their "special someone" by meeting them through an online dating membership site.

Some online dating cons:

1. Most online dating sites require a membership fee. This can be seen as a negative because there are free online dating services as well. However most free services do not offer much in the way of interaction with other members and are often burdened with multiple problems.

2. There is no way of knowing for sure if someone is being deceitful. Because online dating does allow someone to hide behind a keyboard, sometimes it can be hard to determine if someone is exaggerating or lying about themselves.

3. You will have to form your opinion about someone's personality based on printed text. This can be tough since you are unable to see that person's body language and mannerisms. It is possible you could interpret what they are trying to say incorrectly.

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