Saturday, March 7, 2009

Premeditated Sex - Pressure'S On!

The truth remains, big occasions will usually lead to high expectation and often let down on both sides, literally. So how do we take the obvious, robotic, must accomplish sex out of these big occasions and turn it into a fun and spontaneous night?

Doing the deed on that special night doesn't have to be a sure thing. Too much anticipation usually leads to high expectation and let down. Valentines Day and anniversaries are big days for couples and sex is definitely on the agenda. However don't make this agenda seem like its the only way the night will be a success. Simply take care of the little things, and big things will happen.

On special occasions such as Valentines Day and anniversaries couples should plan their day together but don't plan every detail. Nothing compares to the tried and true of a bubble bath, champagne, relaxing music and lashings of whipped cream and strawberries. Buy her a knock out lingerie piece. Do something that will surprise your lover, take her shopping, play a round of golf with him. Make the day all about each other and your ensuing night of sex will have you wondering why you waited many months to plan such a day - Any day of the year can be just as amazing why wait!

Singles who premeditate sex are setting themselves up for an even bigger let down. The old classic, New Years Eve. For many singles ( okay mostly guys ) New Years Eve is the biggest event on the singles calendar. The anticipation is gigantic. If your aim is to get laid on New Years, try and put sex out of your mind it will only make you over anxious.

Prior to the event sharpen up on your conversation skills and research some good ice breaking moves - make yourself a saleable item. For internet socialites using online dating sites and chat rooms to meet other singles , the same theories apply.

Most importantly for singles, just go out and have fun and present yourself as a fun and interesting person - this in itself is very attractive.

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