Friday, January 9, 2009

Personal Dating Site! Why the Choice

The following guidelines may be of help to you if you intend to make the best out of the whole experience:

The first consideration is your portrait

Coming up with a personal dating site is a very challenging issue. If you need the attention of people, then your profile ought to be eye-catching and edifying. Situating an image of yourself seems to be the most successful means of pulling traffic towards you if you use a personal dating site. When you think of a portrait, bring to memory that not just any portrait will do. Think about your overall purpose of a personal dating site. You are there to entice potential dates. Thus, the portrait should be a smart, clear and recent portrait of you doing something normal. Avoid being too serious or doing something extraordinary. Take note that potential viewers will simply want to see and know you through the portrait.

Create an unusual and a powerful lead

This should again reflect on the purpose of your personal dating site. Keep in mind that you are not the only person using a personal dating site. A strong lead serves as a weapon against others sites similar to yours. It may be wisdom at times to sneak a quick look at what such other sites offer. A little secret is to make your lead difficult to understand. The more potential dates find this difficult to understand, the greater your advantage. If you use some poetical words for example, your potential date will read what you have written. But their minds will want to search into the WHY of this message. The obvious answer will be to contact you for more. You can then make open your intentions.

Keep your personal dating site simple

This should be directed to your profile. Many potential dates will want a short eye-catching profile, yet informative. Keep in mind that there are lots of potential dates that they also tend to look at. They do not have all the time to devote to your profile.

It pays to be honest

It must be reiterated to you that you must be honest in a personal dating site. This honesty is to your advantage and not for those of your potential dates. Be honest in your profile. Be honest in your portrait. This means give a true representation of whom and what you are at that moment. If you make use of information which does not tell of you at the present moment, make it clear to potential dates. Therefore, it may be necessary that you update your personal dating site from time to time.

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