Friday, January 9, 2009

Improve your dating: for ladies

Single women look more and more for dating tips that actually apply to real life situations. You can find in any women magazines authors that claim to be dating experts. Having the picture of a model or an actress, well prepared, in the cover of the magazine is also very common. If you are ready to spend hours everyday at the hairdresser and at the gym to look like that, maybe their advices matter more.

In the past decades, a lot of pressure has been put on women that all men look for are perfect looks. Taking care of yourself is very important. Not only will it boost your self esteem and you health, but it may also get men to follow your lead. The great thing is that men actually put a lot of importance in brains, femininity, generosity. A dull relationship based on physical attraction dies out for men as it does for women.

Many "experts" advise women to play games in order to catch their men. If you are looking for a stable relationship, then games don't have their place there. Playing hard to get can simply make you lose a man you are interested in.

The easiest way to dramatically improve your dating is by following some of the simplest advice.
Probably the most important advice would be that a woman shouldn't be nervous when out on a date. The more you stay relaxed, the better. This is something that men can sense. Men are also more attracted to confident women. The worst that can happen is that your date doesn't work out. Let it go and move on. There are many men out there that can better fit you.

Take care of yourself at least a minimum before going out on a date. Try to fix yourself up, put some perfume on, be clean. Many women neglect to do so. Men appreciate it when women fix themselves up.

Don't be over adventurous on your first dates. Keep the scuba diving and cliff skiing for another time. Why put yourselves in an uncomfortable situation? Go out for a coffee, or a nice dinner instead. You will get to talk and know more about each other. At least this way, you will get to know if you are looking for the same thing. Let him get to know you better. And let him do a bit of the talking too.

Times have radically changed. women are now confronted with two sides. Back in the days, it was common for the man to be in control. the feminist revolution led to the idea that women should act and have the same "power" Don't stress on this, and act as you feel like. Don't ask too much from a man at first, and don't try to over power him. Just be yourself, and make sure he appreciates that you don't need to give an image.

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