Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Make Women Chase You – 5 Killer Attraction Techniques Revealed

We've seen all sorts of techniques, approaches, and personality styles, of how to go after a girl. Here's a switch - Let HER come after you. It's time the tables turned in your favor. Here's how it's done:

When talking with a woman, let her know what's important to you. Don't try to be interested in everything she likes - this is about qualifying whether or not she fits into what you want. By being bold and up front about this, you are saying that you're a man who know what he wants. This is extremely attractive to a woman.

Be confident in yourself. You are a person of quality. Be assertive about that. You're not somebody who's doesn't know his own mind and is easily swayed by the crowd.

You're a person of character. You have standards that guide your life. Demonstrate these higher values in your everyday life. Someone who has standards can be trusted. You don't have to be stodgy to have standards. You do have to be committed to being a better person.

Don't chase after her. There's something to be said for being aloof at times. If she's trying to make you chase her, simply don't. She'll come back to see why you didn't. Basically, you need to not care if she comes back or not. Be relaxed, be yourself. You're just not into 'the game'.

Make sure you have a life outside of the dating realm. Yes, this will make you more interesting. But, far beyond that, you'll be happier and more satisfied with yourself. Having a girl chase you is fun and cool, but being to enjoy your own life is much, much better. Whether it's rock climbing, NASCAR racing, or listening to some great jazz, be involved with the things you like to do.

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