Monday, February 9, 2009

Free Internet Dating Service : Active or Obnoxious?

No matter what type of dating situation you may find yourself involved in, whether it is a free internet dating service or a social scene at a singles bar, you will almost inevitably find yourself occasionally in a situation where you are receiving the attention of someone who you really don't care to know better. They will sometimes simply refuse to take no for an answer, in which case it may drive you out of a particular site. After all, why stick around if you don't like the neighbors? In this type of situation, it is common for particular persons to get a negative reputation that a naive person may not understand until later.

Concern for feelings

If you are sensitive about not hurting someone's feelings, you may need to get a trusted friend to monitor your potential dates on a free internet dating service. Someone who knows that you are likely to feel sorry for an obvious loser and try to be nice to them for just that reason will stop you from making too many forays to the wallflower section of the dating service. The type of person who is so brilliant that they are difficult to relate to is an example of someone to stay away from unless you happen to be brilliant also.


If you have been using a free internet dating service for a while and haven't had much action, you may decide to date an obnoxious person, just for something to do. This type of action doesn't always turn out bad. You may even find that the person you assumed was obnoxious has a wonderful sense of humor when you take the time to get to know him or her. This is a great way to expand your horizons and learn more about your fellow man on a one date at a time basis. It's also a good way to get over your boredom with positive action.

Half a loaf is better than done

When you are using a free internet dating service, don't settle for just anyone to date because it is the first person who showed any interest in you. This can be a perfectly wonderful match for you, or it can be someone that has too much time on their hands and caught your profile posting while it was still warm from the printing press. If you approach each new potential relationship with the goal of learning something about yourself, the experience won't have been wasted.

The rescuer

If you habitually use the free internet dating service to find and rescue other people, whether consciously or unconsciously, you will probably be smart to get some help for yourself from a good counselor. It's really okay for you to enjoy establishing a relationship because you genuinely like and respect the other person. It is not okay for you to see yourself as the prop for all those who can't quite manage a relationship on their own. If you find yourself in this type of cycle, you should revisit your goals for dating.

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