Monday, February 9, 2009

Free Dating Web Site : Joining Free and Handling Rejection

When you are using a free dating web site, you may experience rejection from another user, or you may find yourself in a position of trying to let someone else know that you are not interested in pursuing a relationship with them any further. How you choose to handle this type of awkward situation will vary depending upon the circumstances and also upon your personality type, but you should be aware of some options and determine how you should act in a given situation. If you do not want to pursue a relationship with another person, that is your right. Never let guilt about hurting another's feelings prevent you from getting out of a bad relationship.

What are the warning signs of a relationship going sour?

A free dating web site offers plenty of opportunities to meet people and it's also common to see people lose interest or even grow to dislike someone that they previously shared a positive relationship with. Rejection can take the form of removing contact points. They may change email addresses or screen names in order to avoid contact. They may send a specific statement being blunt about their desire to break off relations. They may just stop interacting. This is a little harder to do if the relationship has been close and in person. The other type of negative signs to end a relationship is when one person becomes obsessive about the other in a threatening sense.

How soon should you take action?

Whether it is a free dating web site or another situation where you must break off a relationship, it is certainly best to do so as soon as you recognize there is a problem. This recognition of the problem is sometimes the hardest thing to pinpoint from the inside of a relationship. None of us can see our shortfalls clearly. Sometimes something a person does causes the dislike to grow. Other times, there really isn't any particular reason for ending the relationship. It certainly will not hurt any less if you wait to end a relationship with someone that you once cared about. The reverse is also true.

What happens if the other person doesn't accept no for an answer?

Occasionally--sometimes far too often a rejection of another person is not accepted by them. It can even reach the level of stalking or harassment if there are psychological problems inherent in the rejected individual. Again, the best thing is to never let an unhealthy relationship go on any longer than necessary to identify that it is unhealthy. One of the major reasons for extreme caution in a free dating web site situation is to protect your anonymity until such time as you are secure in the knowledge that the other person is one you want to know better.

What if you are the one being rejected?

If you are the person who has been rejected by someone you met on a free dating web site, it can be very uncomfortable for you. The first thing to do is to realize that not every relationship leads to marriage or a lifelong commitment. If it happens to you once, you should probably view it in that light. If it happens repeatedly, you may want to find a friend locally who would be willing to mentor you. Perhaps you try to rush a relationship and that may come across as desperation. Maybe you seem aloof or cold even though you think you are too shy to respond normally.

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