Sunday, June 7, 2009

10 Reasons Why a Rich Man is Better Than a Poor Man

1. If you're dating a rich man, you're entitled to a VIP pass

Being with a rich guy will get you the best seats in restaurants. Poor guys won't have access to these.

2. Dating rich guys boosts self-esteem

Going out with rich men boosts self esteem. You'll feel privileged you were chosen. Remember, a beautiful girl deserves a great catch.

3. You have more chance of a dream vacation

Have you been eyeing a dream holiday? You can coyly hint to your rich partner that unwinding with him on a yacht or beach would be amazing. When he asks where, seize your opportunity. Suggest somewhere you'd love to go. With a poor guy it'll be only a fantasy.

4. Rich men have less "drama"

Rich guys have massive egos. They aren't the kind to pour their frustrations and problems on you. With a poor guy though, you'll be listening to all his worries and concerns. You'll be listening to a list of his shortcomings and bills for weeks on end.

5. It's all about the car!

A rich boyfriend will drive you around in a Ferrari or Porsche, whereas a poor guy will meet you at the venue or worse yet order a cab. Hailing a taxi will definitely ruin the look you've spent ages perfecting.

6. A rich guy's main squeeze gains popularity

You'll go from little Miss Nobody to the Mr Rich Mans Girl over night. The attention will be massively flattering. You'll be the envy of the town, and for good reason. Would anyone give you a second glance if you're out with a poor dude?

7. You'll be lavished with expensive gifts

A rich guy can easily afford to give you extravagant gifts. Let him catch you looking through a magazine at your most desired items. Maybe you want an expensive handbag a pair of expensive shoes or a new watch. As sure as the sky is blue you'll see those gifts.

8. Your parents will approve of the rich man

Your parents might not be materialistic, but they sure as hell would prefer their daughter to be dating a rich guy than a poor guy. You certainly aren't going to have to explain your choice in a partner. If you wind up with a poor dude your mom will be pestering you every day to get rid of him.

9. You'll join the elite circle

Having a rich boyfriend means you'll gain lots of socialite girlfriends. Be warned though, you'll have to know which hand to play when dealing with the femme fatales.

10. Pampering will be yours

You deserve all the pampering the world has to offer and with a rich boyfriend you'll certainly get what you deserve. You'll be booked into the most expensive hotels, restaurants, pubs and night clubs. You'll live the lifestyle of the rich and famous with every waking day and rightly so.

Let's be honest, all girls would rather spend their life with a rich guy than a poor guy.

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